In Memory of Larry Pfleiderer, May 8th, 2019. May all his efforts, continue to direct the successes of Enviromatic Corporation.


Commonly known simply as "Viro," we handle almost all aspects of grease exhaust systems:


Cleaning. Cleaning kitchen hoods and grease vent exhaust systems


ViroGuard. Providing parts, including ViroGuard -- our rooftop grease containment solution


Pollution Control Units (PCU) and hoods service and parts. Complete cleaning, parts, and service of almost all makes of PCU's including: Electronic Precipitators, Filters Bank PCU's, Ultraviolet Hoods, Waterwash hoods, High efficiency filtration hoods, Carbon/Caustic filters, and similar.


Duct Leak Testing. Pre- and post-opening water leak testing of grease exhaust ductwork


Envirospection. Inspecting / monitoring cleanings outside our service area, including an off-site and confidential photo database of all jobs for insurance purposes, inspectors and peace of mind


Analysis and Compliancy. Pre-job analysis and compliancy recommendations, performed at no cost by on-staff certified inspectors


Design Assistance. Assisting with kitchen hood and grease vent system design


Programs/Contracts. Creating contracts and exhaust cleaning programs


End User, AHJ/Inspector Training. Providing kitchen exhaust training for end users and AHJs

We don't just say it's clean, we prove it!


I have been in the restaurant biz for 27 years and I have only seen hoods this clean a few times and most of those were because it was either a Govt. facility or the place was brand new. Kudos out to Enviromatic. Great job, great communication. I hope this is the new company that we will see in the future. They will be worth the $ over the long haul. Thank you for the quick turnaround also!
~Craig, Colorado

Dear Don,
You and your crew of professional cleaners have my genuine thanks and appreciation, I was extremely happy with how you handled a difficult situation. Your ability to get the job done and done right is evidence of your ability and tradesmanship. Your company and its results in duct cleaning are the standard to which all others should be held.
Yours truly,
Captain, Fire Dept., Kansas

I just wanted to drop you a quick note expressing my pleasure with the service I have received from your company. We just had our second cleaning since signing up with you earlier this year and could not be more pleased. Your people do a great job. They show up on time and do it in the scheduled amount of time and leave the place clean. I don’t have to spend half the day putting my kitchen back to rights like I have always had to do with other vendors. Also your office staff is a blessing. They work around my crazy schedule and are always pleasant to talk to. It is truly refreshing to find a company that does what they say they are going to do and produces results instead of excuses.
Thanks again
Brian, DoubleTree Suites by Hilton, Detroit, MI

"Everything is as you advertised – your work and results are exceptional and greatly appreciated! As I mentioned, feel free to send me your invoice and I’ll have a check ready for p/u or drop it in the mail today. I look forward to working with you in the future and will talk in a few months to schedule an exact date for the 6 months service. I’m guessing that the follow up cleanings will not be as tough on your team as the first. Thank you." ~Corporation



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We continue to set the highest quality standards in the kitchen exhaust system cleaning and maintenance industry. Many current industry-standard programs were either started or perfected by Enviromatic staff over the past 48 years.