Virochem LS-600 Colloidal Degreaser

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- LS-600 is an economical kitchen water-wash hood degreaser

     > Must mix 1 part water to 1 part super-concentrate-goes twice as far!!
     > Super safe for cooking areas in case of spills!!
     > Helps keep soap pumps lubricated and working efficiently, safe for lines.
     > INCLUDES: Lifetime warranty against any soap damage on the chemical pump, lines, and nozzles while using LS-600
                          in the water wash system.

- LS-600 is a super concentrate All-purpose colloid cleaner (Standard dilution rate of 25-1 for normal cleaning!)

- LS-600 is a safe people friendly cleaner

     > Non-Hazardous
     > No-Silicates, Non-Caustic, No-Enzymes, Non-Explosive
     > No-Nitrates, Non-Toxic, No-Sulfates, Non-Flammable
     > No-Phosphates, Non-Fuming, No-Sulfonates

- LS-600 is a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser

     > Mix 1 part water and 1 part super-concentrate for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing
     > Our Virospec® division carries replacement parts for all types of hoodwash systems.

Our Blower Balancing and Repair Division personnel have over 30 years of repair experience (since 1974) with all types of water wash hoods.