FAQ's - Questions and Answers

How often do I have to clean the ViroGuard?
ViroGuard is only cleaned during your normal exhaust cleaning cycle (quarterly for most restaurants). There is no special maintenance schedule for ViroGuard.

Do I have to run the grease onto the roof when the ViroGuard is cleaned?
Absolutely not! Unlike all other units on the market, ViroGuard can be cleaned without running grease onto the roof. The roof is protected before, during, and after cleaning.

Are there ongoing costs or charges?
There are no ongoing costs or charges. Once you install ViroGuard, your rooftop grease problem is solved. Just have your cleaning company clean it at the same time they clean the exhaust system. In fact, it should save you money on roof cleanup as all grease and cleaning solution is contained especially in below freezing weather. And does not have to be cleanup off the roof itself.

Does the ViroGuard require any servicing or adjustment?
ViroGuard does not require any servicing (other than normal cleaning). There is nothing to inspect or replace.

How often does the ViroGuard need to be replaced?
Made of 304 stainless steel, ViroGuard will last a lifetime. Barring some unforeseen disaster, it should never need to be replaced.

Do I need to put pads or diapers around the ViroGuard?
No pads or diapers are needed. ViroGuard is a self-contained unit that holds the grease until it is drained. No grease ever gets on the roof.

Who can install a ViroGuard? How difficult is installation?
Any competent HVAC contractor can install the unit easily, by following our step-by-step installation guide using basic tools.

If I get a ViroGuard, do I have to buy hinges for my fan?
The installation process includes extra-strength stainless steel Virospec hinges that ensure your fan will not be damaged during exhaust cleaning.

Do I have to re-wire the fan when the ViroGuard is installed?
Installation also includes re-wiring.

Where is an installed ViroGuard that I can inspect?
We have installed hundreds of ViroGuards throughout the US.
Just call us at 800-325-8476 or fill out the contact form to find the location of the ViroGuard nearest you.

ViroGuard - US Patent #6,716,099